Monday, February 7, 2011

spring, 2011 schedule

I've been getting excited about my spring schedule release. There are still a few "issues" that need working out.... but the schedule is looking full and diversified! This is my 20th year self-employed in my own business! A business that has been ahead of it's time from it's inception....focusing on the visual, performance and healing artz!

Due to it's uniqueness.... it's been hard to advertise myself....putting me in a catagory.... so my advertising uses the age old proven method of "word of mouth". I do put out 2 pieces/ brochures of my spring and fall schedule. So, if you are interested in receiving this, and are not in my data-base...or know of someone who would be a good candidate to receive my spring and fall schedule, please e-mail me at with the snail mail address.

I continue to learn more about the ancient practice of Chinese Cupping and Shamanic Breathwork.... adding each into my reportaire of knowledge in helping others on their path of self-discovery, healing and 'lumination!

Hope this finds you in gratitude and awe for life!

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